Consulting & Speaking

Topics includes the following:
  • 01

    Strategic, Business and Personal Planning

    Help businesses and organizations create Vision, Mission, Values, Engaged Purposes, Service Promises, Goals, Strategies and Action Plans.

    Help non-profit organizations create visions, goals, strategies and action plans.

    Help families plan for elder care long term and transition through the latter stages in their lives.

  • 02

    Building Unique Ability Teams

    Help businesses and organizations create effective teams with the right people doing the right work, at the right time, building the best and most productive work environments. Creating teams where people can use their strengths to maximize productivity, enjoy what they do and have less stress in their lives.

  • 03

    Mentoring Leaders

    Provide mentoring one on one and to small groups collaborating to achieve goals and project results.

  • 04

    Conference Sessions

    Speak on and facilitate sessions on topics related to Leadership, Teamwork and Customer Service and my books. Messages are customized for each audience.

  • 05

    Team Building and Focus Groups

    Facilitate team building activities and focus group sessions.

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