The REC COACH Series

After a successful career in Recreation Facility Management, Edith is inspired to share her experiences to help other leaders succeed.

The Rec Coach book series is a powerful trilogy: Lead with Your Heart, Lead with Your Head and Lead with Your Hands. This series contains practical wisdom for leaders inside the Recreation Industry and beyond.

Each book contains personal stories of what she has learned over the years. Each story has a lesson with some advice from The Rec Coach and includes quotes and questions for readers to reflect on how well they are doing.

Your time is precious so these books are short and easy to read. They are full of practical and useful ideas, quick tips and techniques for anyone having the desire to improve their leadership, teamwork and customer service skills.

Lead with your HEART

A practical guide for Recreation Leaders interested in developing and leading teams that care. The first of the Rec Coach Series including real life stories with practical tips and suggestions for Leading with your HEART.

These 5 Leadership Keys make a big difference:

Role Model

Includes questions for reflection and the Rec Coach’s best advice on “how to” Lead with your HEART.

“LEAD with your HEART and your team will never let you down”

~Edith Martin

Lead with your HEAD

The second book in the Rec Coach Series to help you build SMART teams. The Rec Coach shares 5 strategies helping teams resolve dilemmas in their departments.

Synergy of Strengths, Strategies, Systems
Meetings Matter
Teachable Moments

The SMART Team Tool Kit Resource 

The Rec Coach’s SMART Team Tool Kit is full of tips and templates for improving teamwork.

“Put your Heads together to make SMART decisions.”

~Edith Martin

Lead with your HANDS

The third book in the Rec Coach Series including more real life stories and tips on ways to Lead with your HANDS to serve- building an award winning service team.

5 Important Customer Service strategies are shared.

Seize the Situation
Engage with Empathy
Rally with Resilience
Vary Approaches
Exceed Expectations

Includes questions for reflection and the Rec Coach’s best advice on “how to” Lead with your HANDS to serve.

“When a team SERVES together, nothing is too much trouble”

~Edith Martin



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