The Organizational Navigator and Rec Coach

Edith Martin


Edith Martin believes in life long learning and pays attention to great leaders. She has dedicated her long career in Recreation Facility Management to developing leaders, coaching and mentoring to improve teamwork and customer service.

Her leadership started at age 5 when she discovered how much she enjoyed helping her siblings and friends learn. Throughout her personal and professional life she has always taken on leadership roles teaching, facilitating workshops and training, chairing numerous committees and leading a variety of teams.

Edith’s background in Education and Human Resources, her certifications in Customer Service and Kolbe facilitation, the many professional development workshops she has attended, the books she has read and her extensive travel experiences have all contributed to her leadership expertise.

Now as the Founder and President of The Organizational Navigator, creator of The Rec Coach and author of the Rec Coach book series, Edith continues to provide leadership in customer service and teamwork to businesses and organizations also helping them to create unique ability teams.

Edith and her husband Darrel are proud parents and grandparents. They are members of Rotary International, committed to their life mission of sharing their skills and experiences and giving back by volunteering locally and internationally to help the less fortunate.

Keynote Speaker

Edith speaks on topics related to leadership, teamwork and customer service and customizes her messages for audiences.


Edith has facilitated hundreds of workshops and continues to provide sessions when requested.

She has co-created “Magnetic Customer Service: Creating Service Excellence” for businesses and organizations wanting to create a culture of Customer Service Excellence.


Author of the Rec Coach Book Series

Edith shares her experiences through real life stories, the mistakes she has made, lessons learned and what she thinks has made a big difference in her success as a leader. These books are short and easy to read providing practical wisdom and tips for readers keen on improving their skills.


Edith as a Speaker – From the Participants Perspective

"Very knowledgeable and easy to understand"
"Very effective, provides lots of great tips and practical wisdom"
"Does a great job using life experiences"
"Very good speaker and engaging"
"Delivers information effectively, had great knowledge to share"
"Sharing her life experiences has significant impact on the group"
"Enthusiastic and engaging"
"Educated in customer service- years of experience"

"Excellent facilitator, very good at leading group discussions and activities and keeping the class on task. Gave some very good tips for supervisors that will be easy to implement."


"Great delivery of workshop and practicing what you preach. Liked the activities to interact with other people from other departments."


"Enjoyed Edith’s facilitation style. She included all participants in discussions including some people who normally do not participate into conversations and discussions."


"One of the most interesting supervisor courses I have taken. The group interaction we shared was fun and we were able to laugh. Great discussions."


"Thanks for being a great teacher Edith. I learned a lot."


"I found the course very helpful with some of my prior supervisory concerns. I feel I truly benefitted from this training."


"Really liked the group activities and getting to know other supervisors and the challenges they face. Awesome instructor, learned lots!"


Value of participating in Edith’s workshops

"I learned lots of useful tips and information to improve relations and customer service in the workplace."
"Great value as this workshop focused on supervisory customer service, different perspective than the usual customer service workshops."
"She provided very helpful strategies to develop staff and tips and resources for enhancing my coaching skills."
"Very worthwhile, information was adapted to real work environment situations."
"I was able to acknowledge things that I am missing as a leader and learn from people’s experiences."
"For me, it was a great reminder of key best practices and customer service concepts in a supervisor’s role."
"Great value as it gave me a better understanding of how my actions and behavior to my staff directly influence how they provide service to our customers."
"It was good to get a refresher on some things as well as learn brand new things so it was extremely valuable to me."
"The workshop was very effective and the exercises and group work was stimulating. Well worth the time spent."
"It was very beneficial and provided me with hands-on-skills and techniques for better customer service."